Handmade Contemporary Jewellery

Before you invest in a piece of jewellery! How about you invest 15 minutes with me, Matthew Hides of Diamond Mine.

Handmade Contemporary Jewellery as Unique as You

  • Can’t find exactly what you want in the retail stores?
  • Want something new to match something else you’ve already got?
  • Do you have items you don’t wear because it is worn, broken or you simply don’t like it?

New Custom Handmade Jewellery

Let Diamond Mine in Christchurch create you a one-of-a kind, custom handmade piece to express your uniqueness. Whatever your budget, master jeweller Matthew Hides can design and manufacture anything made from precious metals and stones including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, amethyst and pearls.

I would love to work with you to make your custom handmade engagement ring, women’s wedding ring, men’s wedding band, necklace, trophy, key ring, jewellery box or trophy.

I have even made a tiny pair of silver hands for a Margaret Mahy movie, it is a 13 part family drama made for Maori TV (Kaitangata Twitch based on a book by Margaret Mahy)

Repair, Remodel and Value

At Diamond Mine I also repair, remake, remodel and modernise old or worn pieces to give it new life. I can:

  • Alter the setting
  • Replace the jewels
  • Fix or replace broken clasps and chains
  • Resize rings
  • Replate white gold
  • Create something new from something old!
  • Provide valuations

Please take a look at my Gallery or find out more About Us